Silvia A. Haas
Executive Director
Date started : March 2009
Birth place: Naples, Florida

What is my position at OCA  :  I am the Executive Director for OCA Inc
Family  :  I am blessed to be happily married to Todd Haas. We have 3 very handsome sons: Christopher, Joseph, and our special angel Matthew.
Hobbies and Interests  :  My favorite hobby is spending quality time with my family and our friends. I enjoy reading a great book while sitting on the beach.
Education  :  B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Certification in Physical Education. Certification from Rollins Non-Profit Management Program, Leadership and Volunteer Management.
Interesting Facts About Me  :  Both my mother and father were born and raised in Cuba, and I am a first generation American.
My goal with the OCA  :  As Executive Director of OCA, my goal is to help provide children and adults with Autism and other disabilities the opportunity to interact in age appropriate activities through out the Central Florida area. As an organization, we currently offer an After school program, camps, Saturday events, Special Olympics training and an Adult Vocational training program. It is our goal to build a village where individuals with special needs can Work, Live and Play.
OCA Main Campus: (pass St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, take gravel drive to portables)
4917 Eli Street Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 808-7837

The Annex ( Therapy): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando, FL 32804

The Exchange (Store): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando,FL 32804
 ( 407)-960-7782  •  Fax (407) 630-8805

Our Belief:
It is OCA's goal that every participant will have an
Opportunity, in or out of the Community, to maximize their Ability.


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